Business Advisory & Coaching

We provide the guidance that you need to succeed in today’s marketplace. We show you how to effectively manage and grow your business using tried-and-true strategies while incorporating the latest in developed web technology. Our expert coaches have been guiding high-level business professionals to success for over twenty-five years and skillfully utilize those experiences to help you craft the business that you want.

Web Design & Maintenance

At REIC, our deluxe web design services are more than just entering a client’s information into a generic template. Your website is your face to the world. A well designed and frequently updated website is an essential component of any successful company’s online presence and it takes skill and know-how to fully utilize its capabilities. That’s where we come in.

Social Media Architecture

In order to be effective, your web presence needs to have a well-organized structure. We provide you with the ideal architecture for your social media accounts, bringing together its diverse components into a unified, efficient, lead-generating network. We set up and maintain all aspects of your online existence, driving individuals to your content and reinforcing the foundation for success.

Brand Creation & Management

To be successful in the modern business climate, you need a strong brand. We create an identity and strategy that will grow with you, without losing sight of who you are. We ensure that your brand resonates with your target audience and put in place a structure that will enable the brand to endure in a competitive marketplace. You will be noticed, remembered, and admired.

Full Scale Public Relations

Imagine being seen virtually everywhere. We manage your company’s optics, ensuring that your web presence accurately portrays you and your business, while maintaining a dialogue with the public. The online community we help you to reach will spark discussion and perpetuate interest in your brand, establishing your organization and showcasing the kind of innovation necessary in today’s marketplace. We will write and send out press releases to a vast, organized database of news sources. We expertly compose persuasive and informative e-mails, sending them out to existing clients and to individuals who have shown in interest in your company to generate leads and maintain a connection with your clients.