ScienceOfRelationships.com was founded on the premise that relationships are a central part of life and that our understanding of relationships benefits from research and scientific evidence. We also believe this information is most beneficial when presented in an engaging and entertaining fashion.

This site is a rebuttal to the opinion-based relationship advice from so-called "experts" that litters the Internet, bookshelves, and TV shows. When people aren’t getting relationship advice from these sources, they often rely on advice from friends. If your friends have spent some time on ScienceofRelationships.com, read journal articles, or have been in one of our relationship courses, that may not be so bad. But if not, you can do better. That’s why we’re here.

We take research findings from the fields of psychology, family studies, sociology, communication, evolutionary biology, and others, and puts them in a format that you can use. We are actual experts who are active researchers and professors in the field of relationships science. We publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are frequently sought out by the media and popular press sources to share our expertise. Plus, we like hanging out with each other and talking about this stuff, and we're looking forward to including you in these conversations.

In addition to every article being written by a relationship researcher, articles are then reviewed by at least one member (often several) of our Editorial Board, each of whom routinely serves on the editorial boards of major journals in the field of personal relationships. All of our writers base each article on peer-reviewed research and will cite our sources along with full references at the bottom of the article.

Who are the writers on ScienceOfRelationships.com?

First and foremost, our writers are relationship scientists who research the very topics we feature on the site. Our writers are true experts that have intimate knowledge of the types of research that appear in our articles. Not surprisingly, when journalists, book authors, and writers for other websites or blogs need an expert opinion about a relationship topic, who do they turn to? You guessed it. Us.

The majority of us have a Ph.D. and hold positions as professors at academic institutions where we teach about relationships, conduct and publish our own research findings in peer-reviewed academic journals, write books, and serve as reviewers or editorial board members for the major journals in our field (a few of our stellar writers are in the process of completing their Ph.D.'s).

Most importantly, we are a group of people who care passionately about making sure that our articles are free of personal bias, grounded in quality science, and written in an enjoyable and useful style.