Import and Export training is now more important than ever for many companies as we all become more exposed to new opportunities from overseas. This is especially important for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of global market opportunities.

Working in international trade brings with it many documents and procedures, which are essential to moving products from one country to another, which without an understanding of this type of information could become very expensive to rectify.

Resultz export training courses cover all the key elements of importing and exporting from document requirements, Incoterms, payment methods, classification of goods, preferential trade agreements to the more commercial aspects of international sales and marketing.

We also understand from experience that companies key learning objectives can be different so we offer a "Do-It-Yourself" course option, allowing course content to be chosen, to suit individual business requirements.

Plus our new online training courses makes training accessible for most people, as this addresses the needs of the individual from a time and cost perspective and new e manuals are also an excellent training companion, allowing the user to study in their own time and at their own pace.

Whether you are a large corporation or an individual sole trader, investing in export training can have a significant impact on a business financially.

Resultz international training courses can offer your company the opportunity to become more competitive and more effective in the development of your global business, giving you the potential for improved profitability and successful growth for the future.