Educator and Professional Strength / Conditioning Coach

Internationally renowned coach and member of the 2004 US Judo Olympic Team. Offering a Doctorate and Masters Degree in Education, as well as extensive, hands-on Curriculum Development, Teaching and Training experience, with a focus on athletics. Track record of leveraging a comprehensive understanding of emerging technology and best of class learning models to develop and deliver instruction. Recognized for addressing the unique needs of students – enhancing learning experiences and providing a foundation for a lifetime of success.

Core Competencies
Teaching / Training
Instructional Leadership
New / Social Media
Public Speaking
Curriculum Development
Educational Technology
Program Development
Individualized Instruction

Professional Profile

- Skilled communicator and coach – adept at conveying often-complex concepts in a clear, concise and benefits-driven manner.
- Known for being passionate about uncovering and providing the tools students need to achieve athletic and academic successes.
- Skilled at connecting with and engaging a student population spanning a broad range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.
- Life-long learner who strives for excellence by continually seeking out opportunities to expand skill set and refine abilities.
- Integral part of educational teams – partner with key stakeholders to drive educational growth and modernize learning environments.

A list of some of Dr. Rhadi Ferguson's Coaching Accomplishments

Head Coach of The Bahamian Judo Federation. The Federation, under my direction went from winning little to no matches internationally to become recognized on the World Judo scene. We produced the country's first Olympian in the sport as well. I also implemented a strategic marketing and awareness program that made the sport one of the emerging sports in the Bahamas, as recognized by the Bahamas Olympic Association

Assistant Coach for USA Grappling Team at The 2009 World Championships. Where I coached several athletes and devised strategies and tactics matside for success. We won the team Championships in the Gi and No Gi division. Both the men and women in both categories. In total we won 4 World Championship Titles that weekend

Personal Coach for 2000 Olympian Cara Heads during her 2005-2008 Olympic Trials. Cara ended up being an alternate in 2008.

Personal Coach for Taraje Williams-Murray from 2005-2008. Taraje made the 2008 Olympic Team.

Personal Coach for Brian Picklo during 2008 Olympic Trials. Brian was the 2008 Olympic Alternate

Personal Coach for Cynthia Rahming. Cynthia is a mutliple time Bahamian National Champion and is a 2010 Youth Olympian.

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Jeff Monson. Jeff is a Multiple Time Submission Wrestling World Champion.

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Mike "The Hulk" Easton. Mike is a current fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC)

Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Brandon "The Truth" Vera. Brandon is a current figher in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC)

Dr. Ferguson has also consulted for a host of coaches, fighers, and training facilities
(here's an abbreviated list of some of the clients that I've coached and/or consulted for)

Valerie Gotay - 2008 Olympian
CC Fisher - 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier - Greco Roman Wrestling
Jeanette Rodriguez - Multiple Time National Champion - USA Judo
Bahamian Judo Federation
Lloyd Irvin - Team Lloyd Irvin
MMA Fighter Marshall Thompson
Coach Jay Foster - USA Judo
Ken Stewart - Natural Bodybuilder / Bootcamp Owner
Clarence Everette - MMA Coach
Fighter's Alley - Mixed Martial Arts Facility
Fabiano Silva - BJJ World Champion
Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal - MMA World Champion
Royal Bahamian Police Force
Members of the Correction Team of Her Majesty's Prison of the Bahamas
National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO)
Mark O'Shea - Grappler and MMA Trainer
Lauryn McNary - 400meter 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier
Sasha Spencer - 800meter runner - 2004 & 2008 Olympic Trial Qualifier