Dubbed by Isaac Asimov as the real Susan Calvin in 1989 and internationally known as The World's First Robotic Psychiatrist®, Dr. Joanne has been  a burgeoning voice in the robotics industry promulgating service and personal robots for more than 30 years. Through entertainment, education and humor, Dr. Joanne helps people understand their emotional, social and psychological responses to robotic technologies. She has consulted in sales, marketing and public relations for some of the industry's top robotic and entertainment organizations including: Robotic Industries Association, Motoman, Staubli, KUKA Robotics, ST Robotics, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, as well as for Summit Entertainment's film "Ender's Game" in which she brought never-seen-before medical robots to the big screen.  To have Dr. Joanne introduce your new robot technology to the world and facilitate a positive interaction, or to book Dr. Joanne as a speaker, please go to www.robot.md.