Roots Spices is proud to announce the launch of their new all natural line of spices, ghee, and tea meant to revitalize the spice and seasoning industry with a socially responsible business model. As the proud maker of all natural spice blends, ghee, and tea, Roots Spices is focused on bringing back the heirloom traditions that real and all natural spices and seasonings that families from around the world can connect with and relate to.

Founder and Owner, Dr. Mayank Gupta says, “I’ve realized that there is a massive gap in the market in terms of where spices and seasonings come from, how spice blends are made, and how businesses go about their social responsibility within this space. From there, I launched Roots Spices with the goal of creating delicious, all natural products that embrace sustainability in terms of how they’re grown, where they come from, how they’re packaged, and how our business operations impact our communities.”

Today, Roots Spices embraces a wide array of social responsibility initiatives, all of which are aimed at making the world a better place to live for future generations. From its sustainable harvesting and packaging, to its mission to pay workers living wages instead of just sustainable wages, Roots Spices is ushering in a new era of social activism in the spice world.
“There just isn’t enough being done by businesses in today’s world to help the next generation gain their footing. We strive to support women-owned farms and businesses, and we even donate a percentage of our profits to educational institutions in India to support children in their quest for knowledge,” says Dr, Gupta.

Along with offering an exceptional product, Roots Spices also prides itself on their sustainable packaging. In today's era of disposable products where most spices are packed in plastic and glass containers. At Roots most of the spices are packaged in beautiful brass containers specifically designed to bring customers back to the heirloom traditions of their families.

“Whenever I’d travel to India to visit my mother, I’d return with a sack full of the best cooking spices, ghee, and tea that I’d ever tasted – it was magical. At that very moment, I knew that this was my calling. I wanted Roots Spices’ containers to create that very same heirloom feeling, while also ensuring that we remain eco-friendly and sustainable,” says Dr. Gupta.

Today, you can find Roots Spices, Tea, Ghee and Handcrafted artisanal brass spice box and mortar and pestle on their e-commerce website. Visit their website down below to learn more about everything that they have to offer.