TRJG has found much success in developing long standing relationships between brand owners and icensees both domestically and globally. Our commitment to finding and securing the right partners has led TRJG to become one of the most highly respected licensing and brand consulting firms in the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry.

TRJG performs significant due diligence ensuring the potential manufacturer share the same goals and qualities as that of the IP owner, and performs brand system functions through the life of the agreements.  TRJG acts as an advisor and corporate ally for licensed brands, and becomes a strategic partner, rather than a simple consulting resource or agency.

* We create solid partnerships between IP owners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers
* We develop and implement strategies to achieve tangible results
* We generate new revenue streams and expand markets
* We manage brand expansion campaigns
* We leverage a global network of strategic partners
* We deliver superior client service

Why we are successful:

* We spend the time to immerse ourselves in the brand, understanding the property DNA
* We treat our clients brands / properties like they are our own
* We develop an implementation strategy to achieve tangible and measurable results
* We create innovative, out of the box solutions to overcome complex market challenges
* We find our clients the right strategic partners who share common beliefs and goals
* We manage product quality, creative strategy and maintain market positioning