Sahara Net was established in 1989 as a small hobby Bulletin Board Service (BBS) to serve IT professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 1994, we were the first company in Saudi Arabia to offer Internet and E-Mail services to the public. This has lead to a wide-spread of Sahara Net services all over the Kingdom. In 1995, we leaped another step to become the first website designers in Saudi Arabia and we started offering website hosting services and domain name registrations. These services further increased our market exposure. With the acquisition of Nawras Software, a leading solutions provider and a reseller for many IT brand names in 1997, Sahara Net strengthened its leading position in providing all new state-of-the-art products and services to the market.

During 1998, we established multiple partnerships with leading companies inside and outside Saudi Arabia. These partnerships allowed Sahara Net to design and implement projects in a firm professional manner. At the same time it enhanced our knowledge levels and expertise. With the Royal decree to officially license Internet services in Saudi Arabia, Sahara Net was approved and licensed as an Internet Services Provider (ISP) in July 1998. In December 1998 Sahara Net was among the first 5 ISPs in Saudi Arabia who started provisioning services. In 1999, Sahara Net continued its leadership by becoming the first appointed Local Internet Registry (LIR) in Saudi Arabia after KACST.

This enabled us to easily reserve and register as many Internet registered IP addresses as the client or project requires.
In October 2000, Sahara Net was voted as the # 1 ISP in Saudi Arabia during the Computer, Communications and Office Technology Exhibition in Dhahran. We then participated in GITEX 2000 (Dubai) in November to meet the regional demand for professional solutions. In 2005, Sahara Net became the largest hosting provider in Saudi Arabia accredited by international specialized institutions. Since then, Sahara Net has been growing in a very stable and appropriate manner.

Today, we are proud to be the most reliable ISP as well as the best in delivering customized business-level Internet connectivity solutions in Saudi Arabia. It is also very interesting to mention that Sahara Net is managed by a team of Saudi youth who own shares in the company. This shall give the company infrastructure a well built foundation for the future.