We help challenger brands execute better.

We understand the success of your strategy will be predicated by understanding your key roles and building custom solutions to recruit, retain and develop these critical sales contributors.

Our custom workforce solutions, mitigate change risk and accelerate business growth goals. We ensure that your people strategy for designing your sales team is a competitive advantage.

Our clients don’t accept the status quo, they challenge the market place. They’re attacking new markets, re-engineering their business, changing the sales culture, launching new products; they are agile and execute quickly. Our clients include new APAC entrants, high growth divisions in large enterprises and market leaders who still have that challenger mindset.

What challenger brands have in common is that they need to out-think and out-execute what is accepted in the market place. The way they sell is a competitive advantage, and this means finding, developing and retaining critical sales contributors who can over-perform in environments of change.

Why Salient - We focus on building custom talent solutions for critical roles.

All we do is work with challenger brands, so we understand how to attract, develop and engage critical sales contributors who can execute in a challenger brand sales environment.

How we execute – We deliver the sales talent services that you would expect from a dedicated, internal HR function.

We understand that challenger brands need partners who are part of the business fabric and who provide talent solutions that go beyond the industry norm, so as to really accelerate growth and out-execute the competition.

Our sales talent acquisition and development methodologies help challenger brands execute better.