Salus Saunas offers a selection of infrared saunas for homes, businesses, wellness centers, medical practices and first responder bases (firefighers, EMTS, etc.) so everyone can experience al holistic approach to health and wellness.

People have used sweat rituals around the world for thousands of years to gain greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Examples include the Finnish Sauna, the American Indian Sweat Lodge, the Russian Banya, the Jewish Shvitz, and the Islamic Hammam.  The practice of sweating is used to heal illness, as a form of exercise, as a spiritual tool, and an aid in preventative health.

Our experienced Salus Saunas team provides guidance to intelligently make use of this ancient traditional medicine practice to improve well-being and prevent many long-term health problems.

Salus Saunas brings a powerful and ever-growing sweat therapy health practice right to your doorway!