Independent Financial Advice for Women
It is a fact that most women do not plan to fail, but many fail to plan.
Women’s Wealth is an Independent Financial Advice service run by professionally qualified female financial planners for women who require help and advice with financial matters. We are based in Kent and have offices in Westgate-on-sea, Whitstable, Ashford and Maidstone.

What we do
Wealth is about more than money.  In our opinion a wealthy women is one who enjoys a full and rewarding life, she has time to spend doing the things that really matter to her, she has the confidence to pursue ambitions, be creative, and explore new things.  It is true to say however, that without money ones choices can be limited and without financial security it is difficult to be free of anxiety.
Women’s Wealth is an advice and coaching service to help you manage your finances so that you get a real opportunity to achieve the things in life that matter to you the most. It is about helping you prioritise what is really important, establish realistic goals, protect what you have and put in place the necessary action plan to succeed.
Our service encompasses all the fundamentals of financial planning such as: cash flow forecasts, income and expenditure analysis, management of assets and liabilities, tax mitigation and insurance of risks, but all these elements are simply exercises to help you realise your ambitions and enjoy security and choice in your life.
Independent Financial Advice on investing, saving, pension arrangements, insurance, budgeting, borrowing and tax planning are all part of the service.  
Women facing financial change are a particular area of expertise for Women’s Wealth. We often meet women who are going through major personal change in their life such as separation/Divorce, bereavement, health problems, retirement/career change, children leaving home, moving home/going to live abroad.  It can be a traumatic time when major change is afoot and we are particularly skilled and experienced in helping women at these sensitive stages of their lives.