Sambatribe.com is live. The US-based Brazilian-themed online store offers the essence of Brazil on t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, wall art, tote bags, and an increasing number of top-quality products. The streetwear brand builds on the fact that Brazil is one of the most beloved counties in the world and many people are fascinated by its beauty, culture and lifestyle. The website is already generating global buzz among Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike, leading to positive customer reviews and referrals.

Founded by entrepreneur Andre Winkler, a Rio de Janeiro native who moved to the US about a decade ago, Sambatribe counts on the talent of renowned Brazilian artist Rafael Doria to create products that are faithful to the Brazilian spirit. Sambatribe’s unique and artsy graphics cover different aspects of Brazilian life, from samba music to the flirty and bohemian lifestyle of Rio, Brazil's gorgeous beaches, the Carnaval, jogo bonito soccer, and much more.

“While Brazil is one of the most cherished countries in the world”, says Andre, “I realized that people who want to express their passion for the country with style and authenticity did not have many good options”. According to Andre, a search for Brazilian apparel or accessories would always take you to common places, such as soccer-themed shirts and other merchandise with the colors of the Brazilian flag. “We wanted to offer something unique, artsy, and that captured the soul of Brazilian culture and lifestyle”.

Sambatribe offers free shipping in the US and ships globally at affordable rates. While most of Sambatribe’s sales are online, Andre says that they also develop offline partnerships, for example with events and other companies, when special orders can be arranged.

Visit sambatribe.com for more information and to place orders.