I have designed a new online store. It has variety of products at competitive prices. Product categories are books, electronics, audio video, beauty and computers. The online store is versatile, flexible, complete and can be used from the comfort of your home to shop. Store offers variety of products at competitive prices. Store has a shopping cart. Products will be updated regularly.

Audio and video: Audio and video products enhance entertainment. Lcd tv , music systems, DVD and mp4 are used to make entertainment enjoyable. Music systems make parties lively. Audio  video products have societal factor built-in. Digital systems allow program mes to be recorded and viewed at users discretion. Such audio video systems increase efficiency and usability of the product. Audio video systems are used in business conferences as a advertising tool. So, such systems increase profitability of companies. Bass and treble and db level controls of new music systems make the song listenable. Yamaha, Sony , Akai make very nice music systems.

Digital Camera: digital camera are portable, have greater functionality and produce crisp photos. Digital cameras are efficient and smarter than other cameras. They require no film and have laser flash light, so that you can take pictures in the dark. Pixel size can be adjusted in these cameras. photos from digital cameras can be uploaded to a computer and be processed and printed or scanned. Digital camera have an Information Technology component to it. Samsung, Canon , Fuji, Kodak, Minolta make good quality digital cameras.

All-in-one printer is an office electronics product which allows you to print/scan/fax simultaneously. Hewlett Packard , Epson , Canon have one of the best All-in-one printer.

Laser printer is better and cost effective than other forms of printers. Prints are high quality which leads to good presentation and higher profitability for corporates.Cost of printing is comparably low because, speed of printing is high and usage of toner is less, compared to other printers.

Mobile phones are handheld computers because they can be used for computer processing, like email, text, spreadsheets and run on  Windows Mobile software. Handheld computers are also used for inventory management and GPS navigation. Handheld computers allow users to capture data at client side and use that data at server side for processing and report generation. Handheld computer such as Laptops allow us to view server data at  client side.

GPS and Navigation: GPS is Global Positioning System. There are satellites in space, which map Geo Statistical data on the earth. There are stations in the satellite and earth stations. Stations rely and capture data. GPS can be used to give Point-To-Point direction for cars, planes and ships.
GPS can be used geographical data to land surveyors, marine life information to oceanographers and fisheries.

My store offers varieties of all products, so customer has choice. Product reviews are also offered.