Well-conceived and thoughtfully planned projects often fail when communication between stakeholders breaks down or proves ineffective. SCC's progressive philosophy encourages employing communication as a tool, and doing so as soon as possible. Just like our clients, we at SCC have been concerned landowners, municipal board members, nonprofit employees, conservationists, and developers. We understand that nobody enjoys stalled projects and position-based disagreements. SCC's clients are listened to and heard. To ensure this crucial opportunity, we research, we strategize, we write, and we publicly present our findings.

As members of the Land Trust Alliance's Professional Partners Program, SCC communicates frequently with members of the conservation community throughout the country and recognizes self-awareness as a great asset: if SCC lacks the capacity to help you achieve your specific goals, we rely on our large network of willing and respected professionals to assist when appropriate.

In addition to our professional training and broad range of experience, it is SCC's willingness to learn the relevant policies and analyze each stakeholder's positions and interests that promotes effective communication and collaboration. Once these pieces are in place, SCC can effectively coordinate its plan to quickly prevent and resolve your land use or related disputes.

SCC not only employs the appropriate strategy for each client's unique scenario, but SCC understands how to anticipate and resolve your disputes. SCC enjoys solving particularly complex problems.