Typically, we are engaged as an outsourced sales team augmenting the in-house sales function, focussing on creating consistent pipeline, driving sales conversations and closing business. This ‘white label’ model allows you to control how you want your brand to be represented, both in the UK and internationally, whilst creating an injection of energy and creativity into your sales process.


SciSales Group is the UK’s leading B2B Sales Accelerator. We enable B2B companies to improve sales performance through our portfolio of B2B sales services. We understand the challenges faced when delivering successful B2B sales - we overcome them through our sales culture, technological innovation and a rigid methodology. The only deliverables for our clients are quanitifiable sales results.

Our biggest asset is our people. Our in-house recruitment team hires only the most experienced sales professionals. We hire people with vision and ambition, who are sales driven by nature. With such high quality people, it is not a surprise that we deliver an outstanding and consistent service, which achieves the best results for you. We provide our customers with customised reports, tracking the metrics of interest e.g. pipeline, prospect activity, actions required and revenue potential. All processes can be tracked via your own CRM or our Microsoft Dynamics 4. All these features combined, ensure that we always outperform any traditional telemarketing or sales agency.

We have one core business objective and we deliver on it exceptionally well – enabling companies to grow their B2B business by accelerating sales revenues. We achieve this, by providing clients with the capabilities that enable high performing B2B sales teams to consistently achieve results, combined with the flexibility and drive of a specialist sales partner. We can support you in one of two ways:

v     As an Outsourced extension of your sales function
v     As a supplier of Insourced sales talent
Based on your specific requirements, we provide a customised mix of services tailored to maximise your sales performance, built around six core activity streams:
v     Consultative B2B Telesales
v     Telemarketing / Opportunity Generation
v     Field Sales and B2B Account Management
v     Market Testing
v     Sales Insourcing
v     Accelerated International Market Entry (AIME)
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Why Choose SCi Sales Group?

The number one reason is to accelerate your sales. If you have a strong desire for sales success but are failing to achieve the right results, or  have a great product  proposition that is not achieving traction in the market, then we will be able to help you. If you want management consultancy, high concept sales training or academic advice, we are not for you.

By augmenting your existing sales capabilities with our exceptional sales acceleration solutions you will achieve a whole lot more!

The strengths of this distinctive approach include:

Flexibility - We tailor our services to meet your needs in terms of quality, time or budget.

Integration - We package our services to meet multi-disciplinary tasks, drawing on the breadth and depth of our people's expertise. The world is not divided into little boxes and neither is our thinking. This extends to integrating our sales activity with your brand - every touchpoint with prospects and customers is handled in line with your brand personaility and guidelines.

Problem-solving  - Our people solve problems in orthodox and straightforward ways where required or in innovative, imaginative but practical ways when the task is complex and unfamiliar. If there is an off-the-shelf solution, we’ll provide it, but if not, we’ll build a new shelf. If you’ve called everyone else and are still disappointed, let us have a look at it. The challenge is where the fun is!

Listening Culture  - Our people know how to listen as well as talk. Our first task is always to establish what you are looking for – or if you are unsure of a direction, to let you know the options and critical factors to help arrive at a decision. Consistent and transparent communication is key to our mutual success.

Intelligence Led Sales -  We actively seek a deep understanding of what you want to achieve and then develop a targeted campaign to successfully accomplish your objectives, with the added benefits of enhanced market intelligence and verified sales data.