Scott & Nix, Inc. was officially incorporated in 2002 by Charles Nix and George Scott, but began in earnest a few years earlier. In 1998, when Charles returned from a year of teaching design in Malaysia, he ran into George in the East Village. At the time, there was an informal monthly publishing get-together at a great little Irish bar called The Scratcher (still at 209 East 5th Street between Second Avenue and Cooper). Charles and George started talking at The Scratcher and hatched up plans to go fishing and perhaps to work together at some point. George was working as an editor at Chanticleer Press, a book packager in Noho, and Charles was teaching at the Parsons School of Design in the Village, and running his own design and typography studio, Charles Nix & Associates. They kept in touch and eventually went fishing (a lot) and began making quick steps to work together as business partners. In 2000, Charles moved his studio into space with Chanticleer Press and they started dreaming up projects together. Their first book collaboration was the beautifully illustrated Trout and Salmon of North America (Free Press, 2002)—a book on a subject near and dear to them both. Soon they were working on multiple book projects, calendars, and stationery items, and even taught a course together at Parsons for a few years incorporating book design with classical Latin.

In the summer of 2004, George left Chanticleer Press, and Charles and George committed to Scott & Nix, Inc. Since then, they have produced a few dozen books and calendars for publishers and have begun to publish on their own. They are committed to creating projects that are interesting to them both and to treat each one with care and a steadfast devotion to quality. Charles and George rely on a group of dedicated publishing and printing professionals in their work.