Science, Engineering and Mathematics Link Inc. (SEM Link), is a tax-exempt national nonprofit organization that was founded in 2005 by Tokiwa T. Smith in Atlanta, Georgia on the premise that exposure to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) community is critical to K-12 students pursuing STEM careers.  Hence, the organization being named SEM Link, because the essence of our work is connecting youth to the STEM community for youth to provide them with positive adult role models in STEM. Our programs and events increase students’ awareness of STEM Careers and encourage their participation in STEM Research through digital learning and hands-on activities.  
SEM Link has a two-core program model, Experimental Design Program and Math and Science Career Academy. Our Experimental Design Program teaches youth to read, write, do and talk STEM through digital learning, group mentoring and social media. This program  also supports young STEM Researchers and Innovators by providing judges for STEM competitions and an online course that prepares high school students for STEM Research competitions. Our Math and Science Career Academy exposes students to STEM through career exploration,  hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations in their classrooms, communities and out of school time programs.   Since the organization’s inception SEM Link through our programs and events, over 500 STEM professionals have exposed over 10,000 youth to over 50 different STEM career paths as well as supported hundreds of young STEM researchers. SEM Link currently offers programs in the Atlanta and DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) metropolitan areas.