To senior citizens 65 and over with certain geographical and income criteria as well as buyers with a specific title, for instance a CEO in a certain organization or a particular geographic region market due to the reason that what they are offering is different from what you are offering.

Additionally marketing should understand how the leading sales people create their value proposition. If you know this you will be able to create awareness and increase urgency to act by demonstrating the financial impact if the potential prospect is reluctant. Below are samples of some quality websites we have found on the net.

Final Expense Leads – Exclusive Insurance Appointments and …
Senior Sales exclusive final expense leads generated for insurance agents with seniors 60-79, our final expense leads fresh and in real time, no long term contracts.

Medicare Leads | Medicare Sales Leads | Turning 65 Leads
Our Medicare Leads for insurance professionals in 48 states are generated in the form of set appointments, turning 65 Medicare sales leads are exclusive.

Life Insurance Leads | Exclusive Reviews | Appointments
Senior Sales life insurance leads are delivered to you in the form of scheduled appointments, life insurance leads are exclusive and in real time. http://www.seniorsales.org/