It is not by accident that Global Automotive Consultants (GAC) has become the recognized premier fixed operation company in Canada. Our success has been achieved through hands on experience in the industry and in achieving proven results, working with both manufacturers and franchised dealerships.
 As consultants, we are constantly asked how we get such impressive results. What is it that we focus on to make the numbers go up like they do?  Here is the answer to that question.
 Getting to know the staff is essential. Proper placement of employees in roles that fit their personality, help with efficiency issues and increase customer service instantly.  This also helps point out leaders in the shop and on the front counter. It is important to get these members working with you immediately.
 Training is obviously an important element. All staff will be educated in the general areas of selling, efficiency, maintenance, customer service and overall attitude.
 One on one training with the staff is provided and then functionalized in a daily routine.
 There is a significant portion of the training geared towards maintenance, the importance of it, how to look for it and how to present it to a customer so that they understand why they require it to keep overall costs down.
 Explaining the need to focus on ratios of items such as; brake flushes to brake jobs, air filters to oil changes, tire rotations to oil changes, and most importantly wheel alignments to total C.P. work orders helps the advisors see new ways of increasing their hours per work order by RIGHT SELLING.
 The Apprentices are ran through specific one on one classroom training as well as hands on training in the quick service bays.
 Gross Margins on Customer Pay Labor set to 72% or higher.  GAC does this by completing a full Job Code analysis, finding out how much is being charged, technician wages and looking into fluid/chemical costs.
 Shop supplies can be very costly and soak up bottom line dollars. The goal is to have this account running at 2% of gross or less.
 CSI is checked, and processes implemented to ensure continued increases in this area.
Implementation of effective processes including the LOF Quick Service Sheet, Advisor route sheets and vehicle walk around sheets.
 The Service Manager will learn how to keep these easy to follow processes in place and how to drive new growth in the service department.
We are the industry experts that have been providing both North America and Europe with automotive training and consulting for over 25 years. With our combined 95 year of fixed ops experience, we can help with any challenge you may be facing and assist even the most experienced Service manager take their department to a new level of profitability.