Stay Frosty holds official licensing of the United States Navy, USMC, USAF, USCG and Popeye the Sailor! Over the past decade many online stores focusing primarily on the U.S. Army have been very successful, including Vision-Strike-Wear.com.  However a large void existed with the other branches. Recently Stay Frosty launched 2 new sites dedicated to the United States Navy called NavyCrow.com and the United States Marine Corps branded DevilDogShirts.com with great success!

Along with serving the us military, Stay Frosty also responds to requests from law enforcement and firefighters.  Over the past 8 years hundreds of design have been created for these fine men and woman on the home front.  Now we are proud to dedicate Fire and Axes to our brave firefighters and 10-4 Gear representing the finest in public service and keeping the peace.

In addition, Stay Frosty has begun developing Challenge Coins in 2015 after a huge demand from patrons.  Vision-Strike-Coins.com has created dozens of cutting-edge designs already and plans to have many more in 2016!