Shafer Media Books is a publishing company primarily for the distribution of books by prolific author Dan Shafer, who has previously published more than 60 books primarily about computers and technology. Under this label, Shafer publishes new titles frequently, using the lean publishing model championed by Leanpub.com. With this model, Shafer can publish a partially completed book at a relatively low price point across all three major eBook formats. Then as he completes the book, he raises the price with each new release but buyers always get all upgrades to the book for life at no additional charge.

This model allows readers to become supporters and fans, helping Shafer publish books on unusual topics of interest where risk might be high while saving money on the finished product.

As of this writing (October 2014), Shafer has published two books using this approach: So You Want To Be a Writer!, and Using Google Docs Like a Pro. Upcoming titles include The Power of I AM: A Guide to the Meditations (including 53 audio recordings), and Spiritual Creativity: A 52-Week Guide and Journal.

Shafer Books will generally sell for less than $9 in their original release and increase in price as they become more and more finished. Buyers can determine any price above a set minimum that they wish to pay for the book; some Shafer Books begin life as free titles.