Shannon Scott Tours is a Savannah, GA based, daily operating, historical, paranormal & cemetery tour business, and Scott, himself, is considered by many, to be the leading authority in Savannah's paranormal & the psychical phenomenon. Shannon Scott has been in Savannah for over 20 years, and was the Publisher & Founder of Jones Street Productions, Inc. Publishing "The Savannah & Tybee Map," "The Savannah Map of Antiques Dealers," "The Savannah Map of Art Galleries," "The Foodies Guide: Where Area Foodies Really Do Eat." Focus was creating better information & more user in-touch design, to make map guides more functional, accurate, fun. He later added a touring division, Sixth Sense Savannah (now, 6th Sense World). Savannah's first sophisticated, mature ghost tour company. Scott, created the first daily tours of Bonaventure Cemetery featured in the novel & film, "Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, and fathered area ghost hunting styled events, "Haunted Oatland Island," and others. Along the way, Scott became Story Researcher, Producer, Associate Producer, Location Scout, for TV's "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," "MTV's FEAR," ABC's "Real Scary Stories," others. His role ranged from discovering haunted locations, conducted interviews, organized filming, appeared as on camera personality. In 2002, he became Georgia Sectional Director for the country's most funded parapsychology, field research group, The American Institute of Parapsychology, and in the same year, on behalf of The City of Savannah, became the recipient of the organization's highest honorarium, "America's Most Haunted City," In 2011, Shannon became CEO of Bonaventure Films, acting as executive producer, writer, narrator, for the company's 2011 release of the Savannah oriented documentary, "America's Most Haunted City - Part One."