Distributors of Shewee and associated products in Canada and USA.  Shewee can also be purchased on line at www.shewee.ca

Shewee is an ergonomically designed, moulded plastic device that allows women to urinate while standing up and without removing clothes. It comes in a hygienic resealable pouch or case, and by holding against the crotch directs urine away from the body.
It can be used in situations where squatting is impractical, difficult or potentially embarrassing, or anywhere toilets are unhygienic or not always readily available. The reusable Shewee is an essential item for every active woman including those who travel, ski, run, hike, cycle, sail, those in the police force, paramedics, armed forces, fire services, mountain rescue as well as pilots, rock climbers and many, many more.
Shewee is designed at just under seven inches long, it is lightweight enough to be carried in a woman’s backack or pocket and can be easily washed or sterilised. It is made with a smooth liquid repellent coating to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times, and whether Shewee is used with or without a container it prevents drips, splashes and bare bottoms.

Shewee comes in five different colours and one is sold every 3 minutes somewhere in the world!