Shiftplanning Announces Free Online Employee Scheduling Management Software for Non-Profit organizations
Panama City, PANAMA – June 29, 2010 – In an effort to focus attention on the challenges faced by non-profits committed to helping the world’s under-served citizens, ShiftPlanning Inc., (http://www.shiftplanning.com) has announced the donation of its
state-of-the-art online employee scheduling software to non-profit organizations worldwide.
At a time when most companies are cutting donations, ShiftPlanning’s charitable program, launched by Founder and CEO Ryan Fyfe, is offering free access to its streamlined management technology for deserving organizations within the global community.
The move came after Fyfe determined that the important contributions made by non-profits every day deserve recognition and support; in other words, he’s paying it back. With limited resources, technology like ShiftPlanning software is out of reach for most non-profits, who face scheduling nightmares routinely for a myriad of reasons that can usually be traced to funding issues.
Volunteers often arrive late or don't show up at all, not because they have burned out or become distracted, but more often than not because the non-profit does not have the tools to manage volunteer staff adequately. Communications disintegrates and neither volunteer nor organizers know what to do next.
“Our goal is to empower everyone with access to our platform, regardless of their
budgetary constraints,” Fyfe said. “We believe in the work that non-profits perform in our
communities and around the world, and the business community owes them support by providing discounted/free access to tools they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford."
ShiftPlanning online employee scheduling management software was designed to help businesses free themselves from antiquated and inefficient systems of spreadsheets on paper. Interactive and easy to use, ShiftPlanning is next-generation scheduling software that delivers precision and speed to a business's scheduling demands. .
For non-profits, these features are just the tools needed to streamline volunteer schedules and increase productivity. .
ShiftPlanning uses the latest web technologies to deliver an intuitive online application while at the same time adhering to strict security standards, to ensure client's data is secure and accessible 24/7. .
If you are non-profit and would like to sign up for free use of ShiftPlanning’s software, simply visit our website http://www.shiftplanning.com or call us at 1-888-973-6030.