Founded in 2007 and located in Vancouver, Washington USA, Shin Shield, LLC is the premier U.S. developer and manufacturer of the Shin Shield ™ product – a revolutionary safety device designed specifically for trailer hitch receivers.

Shin Shield, solves a common problem experienced by nearly every trailer hitch owner: Hitting one’s shin on the trailer hitch receiver, causing pain and/or injury. The principals of Shin Shield, are also trailer hitch owners and have experienced the same problem themselves! In addition, nearly every trailer hitch owner they consulted in researching and developing the product has had similar experiences! This is a widespread problem with a simple solution: The Shin Shield ™ allows you to “never hurt your shin on a trailer hitch again” !!

It is easily installed under an existing trailer hitch ball and since the device is secured by the hitch ball, the risk of theft of the device is diminished. The simple, one-time installation takes only minutes, and does not interfere with the connection between the trailer and the hitch ball.

Shin Shield continually focuses on the accessory needs of the automotive industry and consistently meets the auto industry challenges of the manufacture of new automotive accessories. Shin Shield’s advanced manufacturing facility, combined with years of experience with a large variety of applications and materials types, makes Shin Shield the premier manufacturer for specialty automotive needs.

Shin Shield, is committed to superior customer service and quality. Continuous improvement in equipment, facilities, manufacturing processes, and compounds allow the company to ensure that each production process meets the customer’s specifications as well as quality requirements.