Shopicelandic is a new online store offering Icelandic goods, shipped worldwide. This store opened in January 2010 and the link is www.shopicelandic.com. We aim to offer good selection of Icelandic products at a fair price.

We currently have Icelandic wool yarn, Lýsi fish oil, candy, design, dried fish, t-shirts, books, souvenirs, dvd/cd, coffee, jewelry and much more. Below is little about few of our products:

-  Íslenskt nammi - já takk! | Icelandic candy - yes please!
Like other Icelandic products, Icelandic candies are quality products. Icelanders are known for mixing its liquorice and chocolate in so many different and good tasting ways. Shopicelandic.is sells candy from all the main candy manufacturers in Icealand, such as Nói-Síríus, Góa-Linda and Freyja - and of course we have the famous liquorice from Appolo.  In Iceland, we say " nammi " when shopping for candy!

-  The brand name "rolla" means "sheep" in Icelandic.  "rolla" wool clothing collection is a design team of three that focuses on Icelandic wool with all its wonderful qualities; romantic, classic and multipurpose products which are great for city life as well as outdoor activities all year round.  All "rolla" products are named after common Icelandic sheep names. The Icelandic sheep still graze freely on vast tracts of virgin land as they did centuries ago. Use of chemicals and detergents is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the preservation of natural fats. This process leaves the Icelandic wool as warm, light and water-resistant as intended by nature. That is why all our wool products are a natural choice.
"rolla" products are Icelandic Design and made of Icelandic Wool.

-  TÍRA is a new line of reflective accessories designed by mosaic artist Alice Olivia Clarke and architect Kári Eiríksson. TÍRA is handmade locally from Icelandic wool (lopi) and high intensity reflective thread.
Our first product is a reflective crochet flower, available in a selection of Álafoss Lopi colours.
TÍRA integrates the traditional with the contemporary. A new dimension is added to the Icelandic lopi by incorporating the shine of hi-tech reflective thread. We use this blend to create unique handcrafted accessories which reflect light and improve nighttime visibility.
TÍRA is a reflector when reflection is needed.

-  Sign - Element of Iceland.  The jewellery from SIGN are reflecting Icelandic nature and mystic by form colours and texture.  Active imagination and the Icelandic nature are driving forces in this design. The skilful craftsmanship of the designer and goldsmith Ingi, makes it easy for him to transform the power and variability of the Icelandic fire and ice nature into unique jewelry.

Special Request.
If you don‘t find the product you are looking for in our store, you can send us message through our Special Request form in the online store, and we will try to find the product at the best available price.

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