SIGMA CCTV is a distributor for Korean KT&C brand. KT&C designs, manufactures, and markets CCTV products with the vision of providing highest quality with the creation of the smallest and the most advanced CCTV Equipment raging from miniature sized to the specially designed for the professional end-users at highly competitive price.

The latest products include ONVIF compatible cameras, HDcctv-compliant megapixel cameras and LPR cameras.

SIGMA CCTV represents SecurOS® in Australia and New Zealand - the most powerful video server and security framework ever deployed.  A product from a global video-server producer that provides a wide-ranging value, with specific advanced features, including: Unlimited Network Connectivity, Image Recognition and Analytics, Complex Event & Reaction Management, Smart Video Modules such as Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Container Recognition and Traffic Management.

•     Point of Sale (POS)
•     License Plate Recognition (LPR)
•     Face Recognition
•     Character Recognition of carriages, tankers, and platforms on trains.
•     Recognition of Cargo Container Characters
•     Traffic Monitoring capabilities utilizing Traffic Incident Detection, real time Traffic Flow Metrics & statistical analysis.


video management software

face recognition
intelligent security