Radio Host Pens New Inspirational Book and Launches Advocate Program for Victims of Domestic Violence

September 23, 2014

Houston, TX – Silver Rae Fox, host of “Foxology Today” on BlogTalkRadio.com, announced today plans to launch  the “Silver Belles” project in collaboration with the release of her new inspirational book entitled “What Is FAITH? Notes and Quotes to Encourage and Inspire You”.

About “Silver Belles"

Current plans are underway for a nationwide campaign during the upcoming holiday season that will provide holiday gift bags to women who are housed in domestic violence shelters. Gift bags will include the new book and other specialty items donated by individuals, corporations and sponsors. The public is being invited to participate by purchasing “Share Your Faith” Holiday Gift Packages that will be shipped directly to the shelters of their choice.

“Silver Belles” mission is to provide a tailored component to many of the already existing programs that support the survival and success of victims of domestic violence. “Silver Belles” will collaborate with other domestic violence agencies and organizations to meet goals. Its philosophy is that each woman is valuable,  important, and each is a brilliant “belle” in her own right, deserving of special attention and a loving, healthy relationship. “Silver Belles” vision is to help these victims experience positive self-worth and a renewed level of self-esteem by sharing gift projects, as well as providing personal and professional development programs that will empower them to succeed.

About “What Is FAITH? Notes and Quotes to Encourage and Inspire You”

The book shares many inspiring messages of faith and individual stories of  courage and triumph over life’s many and various challenges. In one a brief account, Silver describes a domestic violence victim’s experience:

“She left that night, running so fast down the street that she lost one of her shoes. For a split second she looked back at the shoe, and for another split second considered going back for it. She had lost all of her front teeth, her self-esteem and too many years of life in a bad situation, so she didn't go back for her shoe. She kept running.  What is faith? Sometimes faith is a walk, and sometimes it’s a run for your life.”

To learn more about this project, please contact:

Bonita Rodriguez, Media Relations

Email: brod6886@gmail.com

Phone/Fax: 1.877.473.5773