Simversity is a an online social learning environment platform provider. The Company's social learning platform is designed to leverage emerging social media technology, mobile applications and interactive systems to create an innovative and immersive online learning experience.

The Company aims to bring eLearning to the multi-billion dollar self-help and self-improvement industry, which has traditionally relied on books, DVDs and seminars.

Using simversity's platform, educators and authors create a unique course structure, enabling key learning points to be delivered in the medium best suited for that message.

Students are grouped into learning teams to exchange ideas and work through problems using social networking features. Using a unified multimedia approach, including video, audio, blog posts, "tweets," social networking discussions and mobile apps, students go to one place for all course knowledge, interactions and feedback. Coaches, mentors and peers provide support to students through the system's social networking features.

Simversity is based in Austin, TX.