Site Steering was launched in January of 2007 by Brad Barton, primarily as a search engine optimization (SEO) firm. We developed web sites, created proprietary banner networks, and managed AdWords campaigns. Quality SEO work is both time consuming and somewhat expensive, requiring a fairly long-term commitment to the development of high-quality back links. Back links, the links from other web sites to your own, are an important part of SEO work, sometimes nearly single-handedly lifting a web page to the first page of search results. At this same time, video was beginning to explode on the Internet as broadband became more accessible and inexpensive.

Using sophisticated keyword and ranking tools, similar to the software we used to analyze web sites for SEO purposes, we found that many of the videos that began to appear in search results had similar characteristics to optimized web pages. In essence, a new type of search optimization had been born, called video search engine optimization (VSEO). Site Steering began to specialize in VSEO, and monthly Internet video views have currently climbed to the tens of billions. Using our VSEO technology we can reliably and affordably achieve first page video search rankings for a diverse clientele.

Brad also founded My Tech Guru in August of 2001. Following the crash of the dot coms, and the decline of the tech industry, he saw a need for affordable, high quality technical services. He created and implemented his own set of standards, and developed cutting-edge technical training that allowed rapid advancement through the learning curve. In 2004 he packaged the training developments and began providing cost effective technical training to businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, and individuals. My Tech Guru has provided outsourced technical services for a variety of clients such as Verizon, Sprint, Siemens, Toshiba, Fujitsu, The Social Security Administration, Office Depot, Clark Construction, and global service providers such as Logical Maintenance Solutions, Image One, and Barrister Global Services Network to name a few.

Between 1998 and 2002 Brad was heavily involved with several of the early Internet video pioneers that were trying to stream live video through an Internet composed mainly of dial-up and ISDN connections. Brad created several web server designs that were used by these early Internet video pioneers, as well as participated in live broadcast software development testing.

In 1996 Brad pioneered online software sales by starting a web portal called Speedy Software. This online software portal grew to include computer hardware and localized onsite service, as well as early versions of online certification training. With an expanded business plan, Speedy Software became My Tech Guru in 2001. SpeedySoftware.com was sold in 2004.

Brad spent several years during the 1980's and 90's working in sales management and sales training for corporate America. During that time, Brad trained thousands of sales people from coast to coast.