Pulse was founded to help youth and adults find value and economic stability using their personal talents. The focus will be to provide a path for children and adults to learn and grow using Technology, Arts, Music and Sports in addition to traditional, formal education as life-long tools for success.

We will offer programs to children and adults to build better futures through Technology, Arts, Music and Sports.


SJ Pulse will capitalize on the opportunity of Silicon Valley’s resources to achieve the goals of SJ Pulse.

San Jose Pulse is a nonprofit program providing classes and workshops after school, weekend, school break camps focused on building better futures through Technology, Arts, Music and Sports.  SJ Pulse mentoring and enrichment programs designed for 5th grade through 12th grade of high school youth and young adults in the San Jose area. The program will form partnerships with local school districts of San Jose, CA.

Pulse is working to address California’s Stem’s, Arts, and Music as well as physical fitness enrichment goals with emphasis directly in the mission of the parent nonprofit The Story Road Tamale Festival Inc.  We will continue to promote, preserve, celebrate and share the Latino Heritage and culture with the global community of the Santa Clara Valley. Utilize the passion of sports as a driving force for students and adults by building partnerships that connect existing education, business, and community assets to increase efficiency, innovation, scale, and sustainability of quality life skills for the Latino and underrepresented cultures.