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After moving to Cambridge for school Jacob Khan found meaning in teaching kids’ soccer

[Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 6/15/2020—] After moving to Cambridge MA from Louisville, KY, Jacob Khan attended his first Job Fair as a Harvard student.  At the Student Employment Office fall job fair, Jacob met two coaches from Super Soccer Stars.

Two weeks after the initial interview, he started teaching middle school children in the Harvard, Kendall, and Porter Square areas.  

Jacob Khan said he gained a deep insight into organizational behavior from teaching kids soccer.  He learned about how to lead small teams and manage crises.  He states that teaching kids taught him a lot about the importance of trust and transparency.  

Jacob Khan is an A.L.B Candidate at Harvard University studying Business Administration & Management.  Jacob has an interest in leadership and management and is spending his summer interning at a search fund as a Private Equity Analyst.