Innovative Manufacturers (India) based in Peenya, Bangalore, is a contract manufacturer of precision turned parts and components on Swiss Type Sliding Headstock Automats, with sizes from 1mm to 25mm diameter, from raw materials as diverse as steels, stainless steels, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and titanium, all with an ultra close manufacturing tolerance.

Being equipped with a diverse mix of Swiss Type Sliding Head Automatic Machines, Innovative Manufacturers has the technical competency to serve demanding markets such as:
- Automotive
- Horological / Watch-making
- Electronics / Telecommunications
- Industrial
- Military / Fire Arms
- Commercial / General Engineering

Machining Capabilities:
- From small prototype batches up to high volume production runs
- Bar feeding sizes from 1mm to 25mm diameter
- Tolerances of +/- 5 microns (.005mm) on diameter
- Calculation of cam profile for Headstock, Rocking Lever, Vertical and 13-Y Drilling / Threading cams, tool positions layout, cam marking for Automatic Turning Machines / Lathes, CNC
- Manufacturer of high precision cams

TORNOS - M4 / T4 / M7 / MS7 / M10 / R10 / R125 / M15
TORNOS - R16 / R20 / RR20 / M20 / M25 / M28 / M30 / MR32
PETERMANN - P3 / P4 / P7 / P7R / P10 / P16 / P16R / P20 / P20R / P25 / P25R etc

Machining Materials:
- Stainless Steels
- Steels  
- Aluminium
- Brass, Copper and Bronze  
- Titanium  

We manufacture the most complex components in a single operation, from small intricate horological parts to long slender automotive parts. Having in-house capability to design and manufacture cams, as well as custom tool grinding, enables us to be independent and respond quickly. All items are subjected to a controlled inspection procedure to ensure that our customers receive quality products to the highest standard every time.

Beside our advanced turning solutions, Innovative Manufacturers also provides Cam Design and Manufacturing Service (calculation of cam profile, tool positions layout, cam marking) for Swiss Type Sliding Head Automatic Machines such as Petermann, Tornos, Gauthier, Bechler, Strohm. These precision cams are manufactured either by traditional methods or by CNC machines, based on specific requirements of our clients.

Employing expertly trained precision engineers, together with a wide range of machinery and engineering equipment, enables Innovative Manufacturers to offer a highly accurate, cost and time efficient service. Our attention to detail and experience in various aspects of precision turning means that we can create products for nearly any project.

"Our goal is to exceed, not just meet, our customers' expectations"