INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURERS (INDIA) - Precision Swiss Type Turning & Sliding Headstock Automat Cams

Precision auto turned parts & components manufactured on Swiss Type Sliding Head Automats / Single Spindle Automatic Machines / Sliding Headstock Auto Lathes, driven by precision cams
- Bar feeding sizes from 1mm to 25mm diameter
- from aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, titanium, steels & stainless steels
- ultra close manufacturing tolerances of +/- 5 microns (.005mm) on diameters
- from small prototype batches up to high volume production runs

Swiss Type Precision Turning - Sliding Head Automat Cams - Cam Design Manufacturing

Innovative Manufacturers (India) provides cam design and manufacturing service for Swiss Type Sliding Head Automatic Machines.
- Our engineers specialize in providing cams for Swiss style automats / sliding headstock lathes / single spindle auto machines such as Petermann, Tornos, Gauthier, Bechler, Strohm.
- Calculation of cam profile for Headstock, Rocker Arm / Rocking Lever, Vertical & 13-Y Drilling / Threading cams, CNC tool layout, tooling up, cycle time, cam marking for Automatic Turning Machines.
- These precision cams are manufactured either by traditional methods or advanced Swiss machines, depending on your specific requirements.
- All cams are marked out accurately for easy and quick setting on the Sliding Head Automats.

Precision Cam Design - Manufacturing Service

TORNOS - M4 / T4 / TV /  MP4 / MT4 / M7 / MS7 / M10 / R10 / R125 / M15
TORNOS - R16 / R20 / RR20 / M20 / M25 / M28 / M30 / MR32
PETERMANN - P3 / P4 / P7 / P7R / P10 / P16 / P16R / P20 / P20R / P25 / P25R etc