ChaZING! is a platform for stores on Facebook.

It is different from Shopify and other eCommerce providers because it is focused on ease of use, speed, value and community. ChaZING! Smart Stores are intuitive and constantly evolving. They do much of the hard work and decision making for the store owner which leaves them time to do what they do best.

ChaZING! was built on the premise that traditional online stores are not working. There are millions of them that get little or no traffic, sell nothing and are expensive to maintain. On top of that Google adwords is expensive and the ROI is not usually effective for mid and small businesses.

Hence ChaZING! was created with the needs of the store owners in mind.

ChaZING! is also building a community of buyers and sellers that will leverage the needs of each to help sellers sell more products and consumers to find what they want to to purchase it from people who they like not from big corporations. We call this the ChaZING! Revolution.