The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is an international organization of over 3000 members worldwide. SMRP was formed in 1992 and has become the premier global resource for education and knowledge transfer for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. The Houston Chapter (HCSMRP) was formed in 2004 and has continued to grow with affiliated members from across the Gulf Coast region. HCSMRP holds quarterly luncheon meetings in the Houston area featuring speakers covering a diverse range of educational topics for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

In addition, HCSMRP hosts an annual Maintenance and Reliability Symposium focused on delivering relevant education in the following areas: Business Management; Manufacturing Process Reliability; Equipment Reliability; People Skills and Work Management.
SMRP Mission:

Facilitate information exchange through a structured network of maintenance and reliability professionals.
Support maintenance and reliability as an integral part of business management.
Present a collective voice on maintenance and reliability issues and to advance innovative maintenance and reliability practices.
Promote and support maintenance and reliability education for people, production and quality processes to improve the work environment.

SMRP Vision:

To become the global organization known for providing competitive advantage through improved physical asset management.