Soap Alchemy LLC was born in 2001 from the desire of our Soap Alchemist to find a bar of soap that would not irritate his skin. Commercially made bars of soap, even the bars intended to be used on sensitive skin, were simply too harsh.

So it was off to the library, the bookstores and the internet to research how to make his own soap and in his kitchen at home, he made his first bars of 100% All Natural, Vegetable Based, Hand Crafted Soap and from that day on, he has not used a commercially produced bar of soap or shampoo again.

After experimenting with his recipes, the Soap Alchemist decided that his soap was too good to keep all to himself so he began giving it away to friends and family and in 2007 began selling it at local flea markets and craft fairs. Now, you can order Soap Alchemy Natural, Hand Crafted Soap online and at many fine retailers!

Commercially produced soaps and cleansers process all the good stuff right out of the soap to be used in other skin care products such as lotions, creams and conditioners, leaving you a bar of soap that dries the skin and irritates it with chemical additives and fragrances, causing you to have to buy even more skin care products to moisturize your skin and hair.

Soap Alchemy Soap processes the soap only so long as it takes to make a good bar of soap. Using only Food Grade Vegetable Based oils, NEVER tallow (beef based oils,) and pure essential oils for fragrances, everything that goes into the batch, stays in the batch so when it is poured into the molds, all the healthy, moisturizing properties of the ingredients used are still in the soap. You should find that with regular use you will find the need for more expensive moisturizers to be minimal.

So when it is cut, wrapped and packaged and shipped to your home, you will get everything you should from your bar of soap and you will never need (or want to) buy another bar of commercially processed soap again!

How is your soap made then?

We make our soap in small batches, measuring out the vegetable oils, water and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). We mix the oils and water/NaOH solution when everything is about 90 degrees F. Once the mixture has started tracing, the solution starts to look like pudding, we pour it into our handmade wooden molds. The molds are wrapped to insulate them.

The soap continues to saponify in the molds. Saponification is the chemical reaction that converts the oils and alkali into a sodium salt, which is what we all call soap. 2-3 days later the soap is removed from the molds, cut into bars and then placed on racks for 6-8 weeks for curing. Curing lets moisture out of the bars, increasing their hardness.

Throughout the process we measure the PH of the saponifying solution and bars as well as checking for water content and hardness. A saponified bar has no Sodium Hydroxide let. All of it has been used to make soap. Once cured, the bars are hand wrapped and shipped to our customers. That makes a batch of cold processed soap, from our hands to yours!

Soap Alchemy Soaps are produced in several formulations and include a large variety of both scented (using only essential oils) and unscented bars. Depending on the season, you may find between 25 and 40 different types!