We are building a ‘Yelp for Parenting’ in S.E. Asia. Our founders have decades of experience in blue-chip consumer goods, consulting and technology firms. Our tech and business ninjas are a small but mighty team of experienced, multidisciplinary product managers, designers, marketers, and developers. Borders, office hours, hierarchy are archaic concepts for us but we value integrity, transparency and simplicity. Our team is distributed across Singapore (HQ) and Pune, India.

About Social Weaver

At Social Weaver, our mission is to enable you to spend more time with your children by providing you with the information you need to make parenting decisions so that you can be in the know without spending hours online. From pregnancy to pre-school and beyond, we give parents like you relevant information through high quality, unsponsored content that will help you make quicker and more informed decisions.

Social Weaver also aims to be the go-to CRM/Marketing SaaS partner for service providers that serve parents- less stress, higher ROIs and more time dedicated to delivering a great service rather than chasing administrative or social media to do’s.

But what is Social Weaver?

The inspiration for Social Weaver comes from the Social Weaverbird, which builds spectacular community nests. Since our platform aims to build an online ‘nest’ of parenting wisdom, the name seemed a perfect fit. With Social Weaver (the site, not the bird!) you can expect a one-stop, reliable content-community-commerce platform that allows you to discover and book local services, write in queries and review products or services through any web or mobile device.