S.O.S. University is an online university for small business entrepreneurs.  We provide free classes upon enrollment.  

S.O.S. University was founded by and for business professionals and entrepreneurs.  Our Founders recognized the absence of fun, affordable and practical online education sites for professionals.  To that end, we've created a site that gives you those three things...and more!

Our undergrad courses are golden nuggets for you to take with you. We don't want you to sit through 30-minutes of video to wait for the punchline.  We deliver 3 to 5 minutes classes so you can quickly get the information you need.

Oh, and did you notice that you can take them with you?  That's right, in our online bookstore you can buy the MP3 files to take with you when you don't have access to your trusty computer.  And have you seen how affordable they are?

Our faculty are fellow business professionals that understand the importance of quality training and education. We come from the same place as you so we know what you're going through.  Use us as a resource to attain your hopes, goals and dreams.  We'd love to help you succeed!

Here are the Top 10 reasons you may need S.O.S. University:
10. You are a busy professional
9. You are involved in sales
8. You own your own business
7. You don't have thousands of dollars to go back to school
6. You like "practical" instruction, not theory
5. You want to learn from other business professionals
4. You want to improve your life
3. You want to start a business
2.  You're unique and want to follow your passion

S.O.S. University believes in pursuing dreams.  S.O.S. University started as a dream and now look at us!

We want to help you find your dream and reach way up high and grab it.  What's your passion? What's your dream?