SoulFullHeart is a radically new way of thinking about, feeling, and experiencing our lives. It offers the importance of awakening our emotional consciousness, along with our spiritual. SoulFullHeart honors the emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and livelihood areas of our lives as being equally important expressions of our sacred humanity. SoulFullHeart is co-created, facilitated, and taught by Wayne and Jillian Vriend and based in Gibsons, BC. It is a registered non-profit organization in BC, Canada and was established in March, 2012.

SoulFullHeart offers a weekly radio show called The SoulFullHeart Experience on BlogTalk Radio with host Christopher Tydeman and ongoing weekly guests, SoulFullHeart creators Wayne and Jillian Vriend. Previous broadcast topics have included defining what SoulFullHeart is, the modern message from Yeshua, why we urgently need the Divine Mother, and the five key areas of life. You can listen live, call in and chat every sunday at 10amPST or listen to archived broadcasts at blogtalkradio.com/soulfullheartexperience.

There is much to read about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life through the blog at soulfullheartblog.com and fiction and non-fiction books from the SoulFullHeart Way of Life are available at soulfullheartbooks.com. Recently available books to read are In The Arms Of Mother: Healing Through Conscious Connection With The Divine Mother by Jillian Vriend; 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher by Wayne Vriend; and Under The Bloated Banyan: My Journey As A Spiritual Seeker by Jillian Vriend.

You can also visit soulfullheartvegan.com to read articles about why SoulFullHeart feels following a vegan diet is the emotionally and spiritually conscious choice, vegan recipes for people and pets, and body fitness suggestions.

Wayne and Jillian Vriend are co-creators and co-facilitators of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, SFH energy healers, sacred humanity teachers-students, and writers. SoulFullHeart is the result of 10+ years of dedication to their own emotional and spiritual healing and serving with others. They have been married since March, 2009. Much of what they offer and advocate for in the SoulFullHeart Way of Life comes from their daily experience of the catalytic growth that arises from being in an alive, in the moment, and soulful bond with each other,  with others, and with the Divine. ​They support those embracing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life  through life assessment, body nutrition and fitness, individual, couples, group and energy sessions held in the Gibsons, BC area and over the phone with those outside of the area and SoulFullHeart seminars. ​

Wayne Vriend has held leadership positions all his adult life, beginning with establishing his own painting contracting business called Vriend Painting and now operating as SoulFullHeart Painting at a young age in 1984. He was passionately involved in the most cutting edge Christian movements until he left Christianity in 2005 and began the EBE process, for which he was engaged in for three years. Wayne received E-Myth coaching for a couple of years. Wayne received Reiki attunement and began offering energy healing and facilitating others in parts work, especially men, in July, 2010. Wayne regularly contributes articles to this website and on the SoulFullHeart blog.

Jillian Vriend has been serving others in various capacities for over 15 years, starting in the medical field as a medical assistant. She was a E-Myth Certified Business Coach and Coach Manager for five years, connecting business owners with their entrepreneurial sides and helping them to transform themselves and their businesses. Shifting her focus from business to emotional and spiritual healing, Jillian was a Certified Emotional Body Enlightenment Facilitator for two years and involved in the EBE parts process for over four years. She received energy healing training in EBE, in addition to receiving Reiki attunement. She has been facilitating others with Wayne in the process of deepening connection with their parts, each other, and the Divine since 2010.

Please visit soulfullheart.com for much more information about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.