The SPACEPOL Corporation is a Canadian-controlled and privately held corporation with two major business activities- academic publishing and government policy consulting.

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is a Canadian-owned publisher specialising in the fields of Space Law, Public Administration, Government Online, Academic Entrepreneurship and High-knowledge Product Development. The company produces literature for the government, library, university and third sector markets. The academic literature produced is subject to stringent peer-review in addition to editorial review. The company was originally established in Finland in 1998 as a network for experts in the fields of Space Law and Public Administration. It became a commercial spin-off enterprise in 2005.

SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting is a division of SPACEPOL Academic Publishers. This division specialises in basic and applied research in the above fields. It is the division responsible for providing educational, lecturing and training services based upon the research carried out at the company. The division works closely with academic institutions such as the Institute of Air and Space Law at the University of Lapland (Finland). Specialising in planning and implementation of Government Online and E-services, close contacts are maintained with producers of open-source and commercial technologies, including Sun Microsystems and many of the various Linux distribution organisations.

The company is registered provider of products and services to the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency and the Government of Canada