George Torok is the Speech Coach for Executives.
He coaches business leaders to deliver million-dollar presentations. He trains managers, technical experts, professionals and sales teams to out-present the competition.

Shy Student
George Torok was a shy student who was afraid to speak in public. He learned the techniques of effective presentations which means that he is a better instructor. He understands the principles of communication and demonstrates the techniques so others can understand and easily acquire the skills for success.

Keynote Speaker
He is available for keynote speeches and is a popular motivational business speaker. He has delivered over 1,000 presentations across North America and in Asia. He once delivered a presentation on a moving train. Don’t worry, he didn’t fall off.

Business & Community
He has coached 100’s of executives and trained thousands. In addition to working with business he has instructed at three business schools. He has worked with community groups to help the unemployed, students and underprivileged teens improve their confidence and communication skills.

George Torok is the co-author of the bestselling, “Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You”.

He has contributed to at least 12 other books and has published over 500 articles.

He is an explorer and has visited 35 countries and completed two full marathons and several other long distance running races.

Media Interviews
George Torok is an engaging and insightful guest for media interviews. He has appeared in media interviews (print, radio and TV) across North America. As a radio show host he knows how to deliver a good interview.

Pithy Insights from George Torok

People don’t buy from you when you bore them, annoy them, confuse them, or threaten them. But make them laugh and watch them buy.

When you speak – believe that you are the expert to speak to this audience at this time on this topic. That is the only reason the audience is listening to you.

If you breathe correctly you will project your voice, you will pause when you want to, not when you have to, and you will dispel the light-headedness caused by lack of oxygen.

Breathe like a baby. When we were babies we instinctively knew how to breathe. We filled our diaphragm from the bottom.

Your audience will remember how they felt about you. They will forget your name and your message.

PowerPoint is like your presentation suit. A good suit won’t make your presentation but a bad suit, like a bad PowerPoint, can kill your presentation.

Your audience wakes up when you say ‘in closing my speech’.

The only person who listens to every word of your speech is you.

George Torok is the Speech Coach for Executives. He offers executive speech coaching, presentations skills training and keynote speeches.

He is delighted to work with the media for interviews.