We are proud to announce that Spot Angels, a street parking app, has launched in NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, and Santa Monica. After seeing tremendous success with people using the app, the team is excited to help drivers avoid parking tickets and steep fines. Street parking signs are extremely confusing and too often we see people puzzle over them; Spot Angels solves this problem! They use open source data made available by cities to provide information on parking spots including hours, regulations and when parking is free. In addition, users have the ability to take pictures of signs to help grow and keep their parking database accurate. With Parkdetect enabled, their parking detection algorithm, the app can automatically detect that you parked by accessing the accelerometer of your phone. You won’t even need to open the app to see parking regulations, it notifies you automatically and learns thanks to user feedback.

Spot Angels is the only parking app that is connected with cars using OBD II dongles such as Automatic, Zubie, Mojio, and Vinli. They are looking to launch in 20 cities by the end of the year, with long term plans to expand to every major city across the globe. Spot Angels co-founder, Hamza, is excited to expand. “We are working very hard to save people from parking tickets. It’s a lot of fun. Making parking easy has always been our end goal and we believe this will change how people react to complicated parking signs” Hamza said.

Spot Angels is an app that saves drivers from parking tickets. The founders came up with the app in 2014. At the time the founders were working on another startup through Y Combinator. They were living in Nob HIll and regularly parked on the street. One day they were 5 minutes late moving their car from a tow-away restriction zone that left them with a $569 fine, which they could barely afford. They built the app to never get a ticket again.

Drivers get tickets either because they don’t understand the complicated regulation signs or because they forget to move their cars on time. Spot Angels solves both problems. The app provides real-time information on whether you can park or not and then notifies you 20 minutes before the parking restriction applies. The app is free and currently available on the iPhone with an Android version coming soon.

For more information email hamza@spotangels.com or tweet @SpotAngels