We're a community bank on a mission. We serve anyone who believes in the importance of keeping Main Street strong: whether that's 167th Street, or 59th Street.

But just as importantly, we serve the “underbanked": People with limited access to mainstream financial services, and small businesses whose credit needs aren't served by larger banks.

Being a community bank means staying local. When we opened our doors in 2007, we were the first bank to locate in the South Bronx in over 25 years. For decades the South Bronx has been regarded a “banking wasteland” in dire need of stable, mainstream financial institutions. We continue to build on a track record of successfully banking neighborhoods like the South Bronx where people and businesses need basic ways to save and grow.

With the opening of our second branch in Harlem, we continue to provide affordable, mainstream banking services in neighborhoods that need them. We believe strongly that every community deserves a bank that serves local people and businesses.

We’ve proven that underbanked neighborhoods don’t need to stay that way. And although we believe strongly in traditional “person-to–person” banking, we embrace the convenience of technology, and our customers are in every borough.