Square Box SEO and Web Design is your best option throughout the USA.  With web design and SEO awards from 2009-2013 we have the portfolio of clients to prove we are a successful company that doesnt do long term contract, always giving updates via email even if its 3am, and the best customer service in the industry.

Square Box Social  Media Marketing, LLC is a full-service social media marketing and digital communications agency located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are focused on helping small businesses deepen relationships with their customers and potential customers through the use of social media channels and creative digital communications and enabling them to grow into medium and large business’s.

Not only have we Square Box Social Media Marketing, SEO and Web Design designed 90% of the sites we provide SEO for, we have proven to be a successful company with over 300 CURRENT companies that we work with.

A little of what we offer:

We offer a full-range of digital marketing solutions to help empower brands in the digital marketing and social media realms, including:

Social Media Marketing Services
New Media Marketing Services
Social Video Marketing
Video Advertising and editing
Web Design and Development
Social Media Training & Seminars
What types of business’s do we work with?

We work with a very broad clientele and have quickly become the agency of choice for small businesses who take social media and digital marketing seriously. We work with small-to-medium sized businesses in Salt Lake City and all over Utah, as well as around the United States.

Why work with Square Box Social Media Marketing Agency?

An agency’s job is to create or manage your company’s brand effectively over multiple advertising mediums. We spend time researching the best possible approach to social media marketing. By working with an Square Box SMM and SEO, we can provide an outside, professional, and unique  prospective on your business, bringing an objectivity that is sometimes missed with an in-house marketing department and the small business that when each owner has their own opinion of what will work.

Time is stretched thin, if you have any time at all as a small business owner, and you probably don’t have time to worry about managing an effective social media presence. Let us handle your business marketing, whether it be with your social media presence, website, or digital marketing. With our Client Testimonials you’ll never have to worry about what kind of service your getting, we have never had a un happy client since 1999, and we tend to keep it that way because we are VERY strict on who we take into our business relationships. Call us today and see if your business is a fit with Square Box Social Media Marketing Agency.
Our Strategy

Square Box Social Media Marketing Agency, located in Salt Lake City UT, builds social media presences and Web Design for our clients through strategy, Mapping Outlines, and perosnal 1:1 client training.

The purpose of Social Media Marketing is to grow and engage your existing network to build strong, meaningful relationships that lead to increased referrals, loyal clientele and top of mind awareness for the company offerings. After all, the real truth in any sales or marketing model is that people buy from people.

Leverage your network to build engaging relationships that will lead to more sales, higher client retention rates and brand ambassadors for your company, who actively spread the word on your behalf whenever they hear a need.

Strategy   |   Setup   |   Education   |   Service

When examining the decision to invest in social media, it is important to follow this four step process used by Actuate Social to get you started and beyond. Regardless of where you are in this process, Square Box Social Media Marketing Agency can help:

1. Strategy: Start with a researched strategy.
Social Media Marketing can be a very noisy world. By identifying your goals, target market and message upfront, you will save precious time and money. One of our favorite quotes is “plan the work, work the plan!” During this stage, Actuate Social interviews you and your team to determine the overall message, key performance indicators, and the ideal client. We then research key words, social media network demographics, audit websites for social readiness and listen to your audience to determine where to create a presence. We essentially provide a “road map” to your social media.

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