STFB Inc. is an Accounting & ERP software development firm that delivers SAAS and web-based accounting solutions to VAR's, Consultants, and Developers. Founded in May 1998 by Emanuel D. Errico III, STFB Inc. is based in South Florida. STFB Inc. is privately financed and can be found on the Web at https://stfb.com

Our goal at STFB Inc. is to solve business problems in cost effective
manner by providing an affordable Accounting / ERP solution that is
completely and easily customizable, runs on the Cloud, SAAS, Managed Service Providers, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Amazon Web Services, uses
popular languages, open database back-ends, and easy to use development tools.

Every company needs an Accounting / ERP package, this is a fact of business life. The problem with the packages on the market, (and this problem applies to every accounting package, from the smallest to the
largest), is that what makes a company competitive, what makes a company that sells item X different from other companies that sell item X, is their internal business practices.

We solve this problem by providing Full Source Code with all of our products so any necessary changes can be made to implement the companies specific business needs.