Storming Robots provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 4 to 12.  We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels.  

Mission and Vision

By fueling and reinforcing habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics and technology projects, we aim to build a generation that is competitive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


We will create a generation of analytical and computational thinkers who routinely think outside the box. Early, hands-on experience in robotics and technology prepares students to deal with all types of complex problems that come their way — technological and otherwise — readying them for a wide range of careers within and beyond the technology sphere.
Unique and Successful Model - Bring System Engineering to Grade School Levels

At Storming Robots, we bring system engineering to the grade-school level.  We provide an application-based learning structure that encourages creative thinking, a skill that helps students transition smoothly to college and stay competitive in any career they choose.

Our model prepares students to advance in college engineering studies, such as computer science, artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering. The achievements of our Roboclub members in tournaments , college level advanced projects, and College profile are a testament to the effectiveness of our model.