When the StrategicGolfer team launched their innovative and ground breaking site StrategicGolfer.com, the vision was to offer golf lessons and tips to aspiring golfers  focused on  moving beyond swing mechanics to the creative fundamentals which are the foundation for great golf.  Great golf is strategy, visualization, a solid routine, preparation, short game mastery, and mental toughness...in short, great golf is about "Playing the Game", and is the core focus of StrategicGolfer lessons and golf instruction.

StrategicGolfer products are in high demand from golfers seeking a competitive edge or trying to learn the game properly from the beginning.  E-books, software, video lessons, and online golf tips make acquisition of their products easy and affordable for students and customers.  The team also uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, videos and blogs to engage with prospective customers and students.

The StrategicGolfer.com approach to "learning golf" is very simple. Learn a "simple" and effective golf swing and then find your best golf by learning how to "Play the Game". Pursuing the perfect golf swing is road well traveled leading to a dead end.  The perfect golf swing is a myth.

About The Strategic Golfer Team:

Tim Hobby is currently the Director of Golf Instruction at his learning center in San Antonio.  He has been an award winning golf coach and PGA Professional over the last 20 years.  His experience includes a successful track record of helping beginners, ladies, juniors, high school and college golfers, highly ranked amateurs and professional golfers.  Tim won the 1989 USGA Public Links Championship, and has played in the Masters and US Open Championships.

Steve Simmons is the contributing author, editor, and publisher of the StrategicGolfer.com website and lesson series.  Steve is an accomplished single digit golfer and successful business person.  Steve is passionate about the game, golf’s history and traditions, and the intricacies of competitive golf.  Steve has an advanced understanding of computer and video based golf instruction.