As more of fashion retail goes online, and the e-commerce stakes get higher, the more product needs to be photographed looking beautiful. Invented in The Netherlands, StyleShoots the new smart kid in the E-Commerce class, is revolutionising E-commerce photography round the globe, from New York to Hong Kong and Moscow, and it has now arrived in the UK. StyleShoots is an all-in-one photo studio that shoots, cuts out and exports incredible product images in 30 seconds, ready for use wherever you need.  iPad controlled, it’s easy for anybody to use yet bristling with sophisticated technology under the hood which gives high quality results every time at a greatly reduced cost per image.

How does it work? It is controlled by an iPad, which displays a live view of what you lay on the table section of StyleShoots. When you are happy with how the clothes are styled on the table, you simply press the button and let the integrated system do the rest. StyleShoots takes two images, one with 4000 LED lights on and one without. The two images are then automatically morphed together to produce a razor sharp, high quality, cut-out, kick ass image. With StyleShoots even the most detailed, transparent, fringe-tastic - hard to photograph and cut-out manually - garments are web ready in seconds. All this without needing a Photographer or Re-toucher...,  as we said before it is revolutionary.

There is more info on our website, if you would like to come down and see for yourselves what the fuss is about (M&S and Tommy Hilfiger Europe are fans), please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and invite you for a demo.