StylSavvy Fashion iPad App is a virtual mall, a virtual dressing room and a virtual closet where you can create and share fabulous outfits and products.  Shop the complete look by scrolling rows of clothing, shoes and accessories.  Each week StylSavvy features a 'Look of the Week' showcasing the hautest trends.  

SHOP: Over 170K products and 2K brands from leading retailers ranging from Forever 21 and Macy's to Saks. Keep up with trends and discover new looks while scrolling hundreds of products in a matter of seconds. Quickly find that exact piece or outfit you have in mind with the powerful StylSavvy Search!  

STYLE IT: A virtual dressing room for you to mix and match the perfect outfits while you shop. Combine products from multiple stores and items from your Closet to see how pieces go together before you purchase.

CLOSET: Organizing your wardrobe has never been easier! StylSavvy automatically adds your purchased products to your Closet.  Plus you can quickly add pictures of your own clothes, shoes and accessories using the iPad camera or selecting from your Photo Album.

OUTFITS: Create and design Outfit collages containing store products and your closet items while you Shop, Style or organize your Closet. Outfit collages are organized in the new Outfits area and are also stored as pictures on your camera roll.  This feature is specially designed for every savvy fashionista, personal stylist and blogger!

SHARE: Instantly share your favorite products and Outfits on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

ALERTS: Stay informed of the latest sales and promo codes retailers are offering.

LOOK OF THE WEEK: StylSavvy features a different 'Look' each week with curated products to showcase the latest trends.